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They Played the Game
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Hughie Jennings
(1891-1909, 1912, 1918)
In 1896 this excitable, demonstrative Hall of Famer, nicknamed "Ee-Yah," became the last player in the NL to hit over .400 and yet fail to win the batting title. That year he set a record for the most RBIs (121) by a player who hit no home runs. He hit over .350 in '95, '96, and '97 and stole 359 bases during his playing career. He managed the Detroit Tigers from 1907-1920 and the New York Giants in 1924-25.
Smead Jolley
As a Chicago White Sox outfielder, Jolley committed three errors on one play. A ball hit by Bing Miller of the Philadelphia Athletics rolled through Jolley's legs, then caromed off the wall and rolled back through the outfielder's legs for the second error. Jolley picked up the ball and threw it over the third baseman's head for error number three. The official scorer, however, only charged Jolley with two errors.
Charley Jones
(1875-80, 1883-87)
Boston Red Stockings outfielder Charley Jones became the first ML player ever to hit two home runs in a single inning, on 10 June 1880. Shortly thereafter, Jones was sent packing by Boston owner Arthur Soden because he refused to promise to forsake alcohol. He returned to baseball in 1883 with the American Association, which opened its doors to blacklisted players.
Bill Joyce
Joyce became the last player to hit four triples in a 9-inning game, a feat he accomplished on May 18, 1897 while playing for the New York Giants. As a rookie he led the Players' League in 1890 with 123 bases on balls. In 1894 he collected 89 RBIs in just 94 games.