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They Played the Game
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Tim Keefe
Hall of Famer Keefe pitched in three major leagues during his 14-year career, and won games in 47 different major league parks -- an all-time record. Keefe racked up a total of 342 wins. His 19 consecutive wins in 1888 with the New York Giants was a single-season record until 1912, when it was broken by Rube Marquand -- who also played for the Giants. That year Keefe led the NL in wins, ERA, strikeouts and shutouts. In 1889, the year owners instituted a pay scale, Keefe earned $5,000, the highest salary in the NL. He helped establish the Players' League in 1890.
Willie Keeler
"Wee Willie" had a career .343 batting average, ninth best on the all-time list. Playing for the Baltimore Orioles in the 1890s he won two batting titles and scored more than 150 runs in three consecutive years. He tied a major league record in 1897 when he got 17 hits in a four-game span. When asked his secret for hitting, this Hall of Famer replied: "Keep your eye on the ball and hit 'em where they ain't."
Frank Killen
Killen enjoys the distinction of being the last lefty to win 30 games for an NL team. He did it in 1896 while pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates.