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They Played the Game
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Fernando Tatis
In a 23 April 1999 game between the Dodgers and the Cardinals, St. Louis third baseman Tatis hit two grand slam home runs in the same inning, something no player before him has ever done.
Sam Thompson
(1885-1898, 1906)
Thompson was the only 19th century player to average over two home runs -- 2.12, to be exact -- per 100 at-bats. He also has the second-most RBI in the 19th century: 165 in 1895, and set a pre-1893 record with 166 RBI in 127 games in 1887, the year his Detroit Wolverines won an NL pennant and defeated the AA champions, the St. Louis Browns, in a "world series". In 1894 Thompson was playing for the Philadelphia Phillies when he set an all-time record with 1.38 RBI per game. (He broke that record the very next year.) When Thompson signed his first professional contract in 1884, he was paid $2.50 a game.
Tuck Turner
Turner had a relatively brief career in the majors, but it was spectacular. He and Shoeless Joe Jackson are the only two players with a .380-or-better BA after their first 700 at-bats. Turner was second in the NL in batting in 1894 with a .416 mark. (Hugh Duffy was first with .438.)