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They Played the Game
A Fun and Fact-Filled Directory of Baseball Players
from the Game's Beginnings to the Present Day
Welcome to They Played the Game, a tribute to those who played major league baseball -- the famous and the obscure, the good and the not-so-good. An entry in the Index of Players include a brief description of the player's most noteworthy accomplishments on (and sometimes off) the field, as well as details such as birthdate and place of birth, career stats, and awards. A Player Profile provides a more comprehensive look at a particular player, with year-by-year statistics. They Played the Game is a companion site of That's Baseball ( For more information on That's Baseball, see below.
Send all contributions, corrections and comments to Contributions may be altered by the editor to fit the format used for entries.

A companion site of

That's Baseball is a celebration of the National Pastime with a focus on the history of Major League Baseball. It includes stats, stories, quotes, World Series history, franchise histories, player profiles, the That's Baseball Game, an extensive link directory, and a baseball dictionary

Index of Players
(This month's new entries are in bold)
Babe Adams
Daniel Adams
Joe Adcock
Bob Addy
Tommie Agee
Eddie Ainsworth
Dale Alexander
Dick Allen
Roberto Alomar
Felipe Alou
Jesus Alou
Matty Alou
Nick Altrock
Sandy Amoros
Sparky Anderson
Lady Baldwin
Ross Barnes
Jake Beckley
Esteban Bellan
Bert Blyleven
Wade Boggs
Tommy Bond
Joe Borden
George Bradley
George Brett
Don Brouthers
Pete Browning
George Brunet
Jimmy Burke
Jesse Burkett
Jose Canseco
Rod Carew
Joe Carter
Bob Caruthers
John P. Cassidy
Henry Chadwick
Ray Chapman
John Clarkson
Jack Clements
John Coleman
Vince Coleman
Roger Connor
Bill Craver
Candy Cummings
Nig Cuppy
Hugh Daily
Bill Danlen
George Davis
Ed Delahanty
Jim Devlin
Red Donahue
Hugh Duffy
Bill Duggleby
Fred Dunlap
Darrell Evans
Buck Ewing
Frank Fennelly
Jocko Flynn
Davy Force
George Foster
Buck Freeman

Pud Galvin
Alex Gardner
Jack Glasscock
Shawn Green
Mike Griffin
Clark Griffith
Tony Gwynn
Billy Hamilton
Guy Hecker
Harry Heitman
Billy Herman
Paul Hines
Bill Hoffer
Jim Hughey
Ken Hunt
Bill Hutchison
Hughie Jennings
Smead Jolley
Charley Jones
Bill Joyce

Tim Keefe
Willie Keeler
Frank Killen
Henry Lucas
Fred Lynn
Christy Mathewson
Don Mattingly
Gene Mauch
Sport McAllister
Willie McGee
Willie McGill
Bid McPhee
Bobby Mitchell
Kid Nichols
Tip O'Neill
Jim O'Rourke
David Orr
John Paciorek
Doc Parker
Herman Pitz
Bill Reidy
Bill Rhodes
John Lee Richmond
Cal Ripken Jr.
Wilbert Robertson
Frank Robinson
Minnie Rojas
Amos Rusie
Frank Selee
Cy Seymour
Jimmy Sheckard
Joe Start
Bill Stemmeyer
Dick Stuart
Moose Stubing
Chub Sullivan
Joe Sullivan
Fernando Tatis
Sam Thompson
Tuck Turner
Billy Voltz
Fleet Walker
John Montgomery Ward
Mickey Welch
Perry Werden
Harry Wheeler
Deacon White
Jim Whitney
Hoyt Wilhelm
Ned Williamson
Snake Wiltse
Jimmy Wood
George Wright
Harry Wright
Ben Young
Chief Zimmer